Sarah Lewsey
Scheme Coordinator

The Gaffer!
Sarah started the group after talking with EMAS.
Sarah is point of contact with East Midlands Ambulance CFR Manager.
Sarah has the role of making sure all the responders are up to date in their training and ensuring the quality of the responders work is kept to high standards at all times.
Also assists with Fundraising, Events and teaching CPR.

Jane Everett
Assistant Coordinator

Website, Facebook and Fundraising, Events and teaching CPR are the main areas Jane deals with as well as assisting Sarah with replacing Kit.

Jane sorts the availability calendar out, so we know who’s on call and when a kit’s available for those without internet access.
Also the scheme’s secretary.

Rob Turner

Joined us in February 2015.
Rob has helped with fundraising, Events and teaching CPR.

Rob has also attended a local school with Jane, talking about our role for the school topic – People who help us.

Nigel Shearing

Nigel's details to be updated Shortly

Natalie Bonser

Natalie's details to be updated Shortly

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